7 Reasons Why You Need Holiday Storage

December 15, 2021

Storage units are a year-round perk, but there are a few added benefits to holiday storage. These are seven benefits of a storage unit for the holidays: 

  • More room at home
  • An empty garage
  • Securing fragile items
  • More space between work and home
  • Organization
  • Keep gifts out of sight 
  • Tidier storage

1. Make More Room at Home

If you’re hosting friends and family this holiday season, you may want to clear out a room or two at home. A storage unit allows you to make more space for guests to feel more comfortable. Consider storing items like furniture that you won’t need over the holidays. Your guest bedroom doesn’t need to be your go-to storage space, and the visitors you host will be thankful they’re not spending money at the local hotel. 

2. Empty the Garage

Those same visitors you’re making room for inside your house may also benefit from additional space in the garage. If your garage has become a storage unit, it may be time to do some work clearing out space for vehicles of visiting family and friends. You should consider moving items that have been boxed up in the garage since you moved in. You likely won’t need those items while guests are in town. 

3. Secure Fragile Items

You shouldn’t have to worry about theft throughout the holidays. With more friends and family at your home, though, the potential for accidents to happen does increase, especially if those visitors are small children or four-legged. 

Consider storing any fragile items you may not want on display rather than tucking them away in a guest bedroom. You’re using that guest bedroom for visitors, after all, and will need the space for them. 

4. Create Space Between Work and Home

If you’re a remote worker or entrepreneur using their home as their small business, you may want to create some separation between work and home, if only while friends and family are in town this holiday season. 

Putting your work away if you’re able to this holiday season has the added benefit of a more relaxed holiday, time off, and boundaries for a better work-life balance. You’ll make additional space at home, too, if you have inventory from your home business taking up valuable real estate in a guest bedroom or home office. 

Holiday decor in boxes

5. Get Your Spaces Organized

A storage unit for the holidays is a great way to get your home organized for guests and holiday activities. YoYou’llave enough going on with holiday decor and presents to worry about additional clutter making a mess of your gathering spaces. Free up extra room to make it easier for all holiday memories you’re envisioning.

6. Keep Gifts Out of Sight

Storage units are good for more than storing valuables and seasonal items. They’re a great way to keep family from snooping for presents during the holiday season. Keep all of those gifts away from prying eyes and safely tucked away in your storage unit. You can even set up a holiday wrapping station inside a larger storage unit, so you can get presents wrapped without any interference. snooping — back at home.

A larger unit can also hide purchases that are too large to keep at home. DoDon’tpoil the surprise by using your home garage for big-ticket items. Think bicycles, sports equipment, even a new car for the teenager in your home who recently got their license. Keep your family members guessing with a grand reveal on the big day.

7. Tidy Up Your Storage Space

Once the holidays are over, you’ll need somewhere to put all your holiday items until next year. Holiday storage gives you plenty of space to store everything in a manageable way, making next year’s decorating that much simpler. 

To make things even easier, label all of your boxes, wrap your lights in a way that they won’t get tangled up and consider bagging and hanging any wreaths rather than boxing them up. You don’t want them to become disfigured while in storage.

Storage Locker Can Help

No matter what you’re looking to store this holiday season, Storage Locker has storage solutions that will meet your needs. Use our sizing guide to find a unit that will keep all of your belongings safe until you’re ready for them. 

Contact us if you’re just not sure about the unit that best suits your needs. We can help you decide on a suitable unit for you at any of our three California storage facilities in ​​Barstow, Victorville, and Adelanto.



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