Excellent Storage Options

Life Happens.

We’re here to Provide Space When You Need It.

There are many reasons why people come to us. They’re moving houses, making room for new family members, downsizing, etc.

The reasons are endless.We offer a wide range of storage solutions for every storing need. No matter your situation, we’ve got you covered with affordable, clean, and secure storage solutions.

Secure Storage at Your Total Convenience

Storage Locker is the best of both worlds: affordable, yet spotless, facilities that have highly convenient access times.

We feel that self-storage can be a pleasurable experience: safe, simple, and with excellent customer service. We aim for service that everyone can love, with full flexibility and efficiency.

Military Deployment

If you are shipping overseas to serve the country, we have flexible options at your disposal. Our units are all rented month-to-month, which means you can get your goods exactly at your convenience.


If you are travelling on business or are out on your latest adventure, store everything you need with our month-to-month rentals. We have a range of units available precisely to your preference.


If you are moving houses, we have a wide selection of self-storage solutions available. We’ve got units that fit everything from your basic essentials to the contents of your entire house.


Headed out to school? If you want to stop Mom from getting rid of your stuff or just need somewhere to keep your belongings, we’ve got you covered.


If you’ve got a new addition to the family, you don’t have to get rid of everything just to make space. Many of our clients temporarily store their stuff with us instead of later regretting that they got rid of it.

Military Deployment

Many sellers put their extra things in storage in order to facilitate a smoother sale. Show your house at its best and then come back for the goods when everything is completed.

AirBnb / Sublet

In a similar fashion to home selling, people often need to showcase their property at its best. Your place needs to look like a hotel: tip-top shape for the good ratings. This sometimes means storing stuff away instead of getting rid of it completely.

Home Remodel

Our month-to-month storage rentals are perfect for storing your belongings no matter how large or small. It’s often a great solution for our clients who are undergoing short-term to long-term remodeling.

Not enough space in current home

Perhaps your family has grown or people have moved back in and you’re waiting on upgrading to a larger property. Whatever the situation, we can provide a storage option according to your specification.

Moving in with a partner / marriage

Maybe you and your partner don’t have the same taste in home decor. There’s no need to argue over who gets to keep what—store your belongings using our clean, affordable, and convenient self-storage units.

Secure Storage at Your Total Convenience

Vehicle Storage

We supply short-term and long-term vehicle storage solutions. From a secure outdoor lot to an indoor storage space, we’ve got you covered. You can access the car without waiting on an attendant and end the contract anytime with our month-to-month rental agreements.

Standard Self Storage

We have a comprehensive set of self-storage options available. Our units are clean, bright, secure and spacious. We have spacing sizes offered for any type of storage need.

Why Storage Locker

We think that self-storage can be an enjoyable experience: simple, flexible, and with great customer service. We offer an excellent range of storage solutions for every need. No matter the situation, we provide our clients with clean, affordable, and secure storage solutions.




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