Small metal safes used for safely storing valuables.

How to Safely Store Valuables

Whether your valuables hold monetary value, sentimental value, or both, knowing how to store your valuable items safely is important....

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An aluminum lock on a self-storage unit.

Can Storage Units Get Bed Bugs?

One of the most common questions we get at Storage Locker is, can storage units get bed bugs? The short...

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Boxes outside a storage unit that are protected by storage unit insurance.

Do Storage Units Need Insurance?

Self-storage is a fast-growing sector of commercial real estate, and people may store things for any variety of reasons: in...

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Woman unlocking her storage unit.

What Do Storage Units Include?

Are you looking into getting a storage unit? When deciding which one to pick, amenities and features can be a...

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A row of clean and well-organized storage units

How to Clean a Storage Unit

Your main living spaces, attic, basement, garage, and shed all get yearly deep cleans — but have you cleaned your...

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Athletic man jogs near his storage unit gym

How to Turn a Storage Unit into a Personal Gym

Last year may have found you looking up how to add a personal gym to your home.  Today, with everyone...

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Piggy bank on a moving box showing the cost of storage units with several packed belongings in the background.

How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost?

Our customers most frequently seek secure self-storage solutions when: Heading out on military deployment  Traveling Moving  Selling or remodeling their...

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Large self-storage facility with climate-controlled storage units for protecting items from temperature and moisture.

Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Worth It?

You probably prefer your own environment to stay between 55 and 80 degrees, and guess what? So does your stuff. ...

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Using a Storage Unit Size Calculator: How Big of a Storage Unit Do You Need?

Packing up your belongings is always a headache, whether you’re quickly remodeling or storing away furniture items for an extended...

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7 Things You Can’t Store in a Storage Unit

When moving, starting a new business, or decluttering, a storage unit makes an affordable life hack. Still, not everything you...

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