What Do Storage Units Include?

January 15, 2021

Are you looking into getting a storage unit? When deciding which one to pick, amenities and features can be a deciding factor. Storage units are generally standardized, but each facility runs its garage differently. Depending on your needs, storage unit features such as outlets, climate control, and surveillance may help. Learn more about what storage facilities have and don’t have so you know the things to look for in a self-storage facility!

Do Storage Units Have Power Outlets? 

Whether or not a storage unit has power outlets is specific to the storage facility itself. For the average person, electricity in a storage unit isn’t necessary. The facilities’ hallways and entranceways should be well-lit enough to allow access to storage units without a problem. There are also few reasons to need electricity inside unless you plan to use a storage non-traditionally for something such as a personal gym. Many storage units avoid having electric outlets to discourage spending time inside the unit, especially since most storage is passive. For most facilities, living in a unit is not permitted and often illegal, limiting electrical outlets’ need.

Do Storage Units Have Climate Control? 

Many storage units do indeed have climate control! Climate-controlled storage, also called temperature-controlled storage, is designed to keep the units’ temperature within a designated range. For those living in especially hot, cold, or volatile environments, having climate control in your unit is essential. It prevents overheating or enduring freezing temperatures, and most control falls within 55 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Many personal items fare better in climate-controlled storage, plus some that even require it

Air conditioning units on the roof of a climate-controlled storage facility.

Do Storage Units Have Dumpsters?

Many storage companies will offer either dumpsters or some form of on-site garbage service. Companies should include both trash and recycling. Depending on your facility, you may share a particular dumpster with other specific tenants. Dumpster sharing helps control the quantity of waste and prevents people from overfilling the dumpster. You may be wondering if there’s a way to dispose of a large number of stored items, such as when you’re moving out of a storage unit. In these instances, it’s best to talk with your facility manager. Some facilities may be able to help, while others may recommend a professional junk removal service that they work with. In most cases, though, we’d advise not being the one to overfill an available dumpster!

Do Storage Units Have Lights?

Lighting is dependent on the storage facility itself. While some facilities do have lighting within each unit, most do not. Lighting may only be in the hallways or outside the space. Like electrical units, this discourages the use of storage units for anything outside of their intended or legal purpose. If you’re looking to add some lighting to your unit for convenience, many tenants tend to opt for battery-powered lights. It can be notably challenging to organize a storage unit in the dark, especially in the back corners of a unit, so the use of a battery-powered light can be considerably helpful.

Do Storage Units Have Cameras? 

Trusting a storage facility with your items is a huge decision, and ensuring the unit has adequate protection is a must. Storage units that have your best interest at heart should have 24/7 video surveillance of some sort. Cameras are usually in the form of CCTVs, monitored by the facility’s security team. In some cases, your facility may offer at-home surveillance options with cameras that you can check in on at any time to view your unit.

A storage facility that has camera surveillance.

Do Storage Units Have Insurance? 

Storage units don’t typically provide their insurance for your personal belongings. In some senses, they function as apartment buildings do; they’ll have insurance for the building as a whole, but private insurance is necessary to protect a renter’s items that are stored or kept there. Many self-storage facilities require you to purchase a form of stored property insurance before you sign a rental agreement because of this, and it is entirely legal for a facility to require storage insurance. Some homeowner’s or renter’s insurance does already cover stored items, though, so just check any pre-existing policies first!

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