Is a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Worth It?

August 19, 2020

You probably prefer your own environment to stay between 55 and 80 degrees, and guess what? So does your stuff. 


3 Times a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit is Worth It

Most stored items benefit from climate control, but some truly need it. Knowing what not to store in a normal storage unit, paying the 25 to 50 percent premium for climate-controlled storage makes sense when: 


You Have Temperature Sensitive Items 

If your items are sensitive to temperature, investing in a climate-controlled self-storage unit protects your investment. Items most sensitive to temperature are electronics, artwork, musical instruments, collectibles, or objects made with natural materials like leather or wood.


You Have Moisture-Sensitive Items 

Moisture can ruin items permanently, and it’s not easy to check for damage while items are stored. Climate-controlled units keep wood from warping, cracking, or tearing, and prevent fabric degradation, mildew, mold, or pests. Books, media (CDs/DVDs, records), and photos are sensitive to moisture as well. Additionally, metal items of any kind may need climate control to reduce rust, corrosion, and structural weakening.


Your Items Are Expensive or Rare

There are plenty of reasons to use a self-storage unit, and most homeowners choose climate-controlled storage to protect their expensive, or irreplaceable heirlooms and investments. Offset the concern that you’re not keeping your items with you by adding the extra protection of climate control. The premium for temperature control is a small price to pay for avoiding the replacement of potentially expensive and sensitive personal belongings.


You may not realize that, because of their more robust filtering, climate-controlled storage units stay cleaner. The humidity control keeps items from becoming moldy and deteriorating or getting a pest infestation. 


On the other hand, climate-controlled storage units can cost 25 to 50 percent more than a standard unit. More, because fewer storage facilities offer them, you may need to drive farther to retrieve your belongings when you need them. 


Young couple prepares their temperature and moisture-sensitive belongings for climate-controlled storage.


When Homeowners Can Forego Climate Controlled Storage Units 

We’ll be upfront: there are some times where getting a climate-controlled storage unit is not necessary. Here are some examples:


You Live in a Temperate Climate 

If you live in an area that does not experience too much fluctuation in climate, it is possible to pass on a climate-controlled unit and still have items that aren’t affected by excessive moisture or temperatures outside of the 55-80 degree range. However, keep in mind that a sudden heatwave or cold front can occur at any time — and you won’t be able to suddenly switch to a climate-controlled unit in most cases.


You’re Only Doing Short-Term Storage 

If your items will only be sitting in storage for a few months and those months tend to be mild, most likely you can avoid climate control. There are many cases where customers need to temporarily store belongings while sorting for a move or moving to a temporary living situation for a month or so. In these cases, pack things up, use some simple storage until you’re ready to get your items back relatively soon!


Your Items Are Unaffected by Climate

There are some items that really won’t be affected by climate, particularly if they’re packed well. For example, if your clothes aren’t susceptible to mildew or pests (in other words, they’re not wool), packing them in air-tight sealed bags is sufficient. Plastic children’s toys hold up well, too. Whatever it is you’re storing, research its longevity — and pass on the climate-controlled unit if it’s not worth the cost.


Choose Storage Locker 

The experts at Storage Locker are more than happy to help you choose between climate-controlled and standard units. Once you’ve decided, we can help you find the perfect size unit for your storage needs as well. Our facilities are so safe, secure, and clean, you’ll come to feel your storage locker is an extension of your home. 


We keep our units extremely clean, free of pests, and tightly monitored to ensure safe, high-quality storage of your belongings. Schedule a tour of our facilities today, or explore the rest of our website to use our storage unit size guide and learn more!



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