How to Organize Your Storage Unit for Hassle-Free Access

October 16, 2019

Having a storage locker can be a life-saver. Storage space lets you hold on to your most important possessions without cluttering up your home. However, a self-storage locker that’s poorly organized can turn into a nightmare. 

Without smart organization, you might find yourself feeling frustrated, confused, and irritated when you try to find something you’ve been keeping in storage, which is why organizing a storage unit is so important. But where do you start?

To help you get the most out of your self-storage unit, we’ve compiled these seven helpful storage unit organization tips:

  1. Take inventory of the items you are storing
  2. Label everything
  3. Get the right size storage unit
  4. Store items in clear bins
  5. Add shelves
  6. Organize items wisely
  7. Store frequently-used items towards the front 

 Stick to this guide, and your self-storage locker will be the envy of everyone you know. 

1. Take Inventory of the Items You Are Storing 

When it comes to organizing a storage unit, it’s easier to organize your belongings before moving them in. 

If you haven’t moved your belongings into your storage unit yet, we recommend making a list of all the things you plan to store. 

For this exercise, a simple spreadsheet works great. Try organizing your inventory by item type. For example, you can store media like books and records in labeled boxes in one area of your storage unit and keep the cutlery and kitchen gadgets together in another place.

Notate on your spreadsheet where these items are located in your storage unit. This way, if you want to dig up an old book you want to read again, you will know exactly where to look for it. 

2. Label Everything 

Speaking of taking inventory, one of the best storage unit organization tips we can provide is to label everything – everything! While you might think you’ll remember which box you put your photo albums in, six months or a year from now, that memory could be pretty hazy. 

In addition to keeping track of where everything is on your inventory list, be sure to label each box as well. When the time comes to find something in your storage unit, you will be glad you did!

3. Get the Right Size Storage Unit 

The key to effective storage unit organization is to ensure you get the right storage size for the things you plan to store in your unit. If you have to cram everything in your storage unit as tight as you can, putting things in and getting things out will be time-consuming and a big hassle. 

If you have plenty of space to store your items, you can keep things organized and easily accessible when you need them. Not sure what size storage unit you need for your items? We’ve done the math for you! Check out our storage unit sizing guide to find the best fit for you.

Clear storage bins help with storage locker organization.

4. Store Items in Clear Bins 

When it comes to organizing a storage unit, a simple hack is to store items in clear bins. While cardboard boxes can be a fine storage solution, clear bins make finding your stored items a breeze since you can see what’s in them if you’re willing to spend a little cash.

Clear bins can also help protect your belongings better than cardboard since it’s harder for things like moisture and pests to get in.

5. Add Shelves 

Renting a storage unit with shelving or the option to add shelves to your self-storage locker makes another great storage unit organization hack. Shelves will allow you to fit more items in the unit without sacrificing ease of access. Plus, you can organize things on the shelves in a way that makes them easier to find. For example, keep your record collection on one shelf and sports equipment on another. 

6. Organize Your Items  Wisely

When it comes to storage unit organization, how you arrange your items in your storage unit matters. Instead of simply piling your boxes of items haphazardly, take some time to plot out where items should go in the way that makes the most sense.

If you need to stack boxes or other items, be careful and strategic about how you do it. Make sure you stack the heaviest items on the bottom (like furniture) and lighter items on the top. Keep anything fragile in a safe location where someone will not break it. If you have items that you can disassemble, it’s a good idea to do so. For example, disassembling a table and stacking the tabletop and disconnected legs vertically can save you room.

7. Store Frequently-Used Items Towards the Front 

If you have items that you frequently use, store these items towards the front when you are organizing your storage unit. This will make your life much easier whenever you need to retrieve them and prevent you from having to play storage-room Tetris. 

Get More Storage Unit Organization Tips from Storage Locker

Now that you know how to organize a storage unit, we hope you’re feeling inspired to bring some organization into your life. Whether you’re looking for helpful information on how to clean a storage unit or if you’re looking for a storage unit, Storage Locker can help.

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