How to Organize Your Self-Storage Locker for Hassle-Free Access

October 16, 2019

Having a storage locker can be a real life-saver. Storage space allows you to hold on to your most important possessions without cluttering up your home. However, a self-storage locker that’s poorly organized can turn into a real nightmare. Without smart organization, you might find yourself feeling frustrated, confused, and irritated when you try to find something you’ve been keeping in storage.

To help you get the most out of your self-storage unit, we’ve compiled these seven helpful tips. Stick to this guide and your self-storage locker will be the envy of everyone you know. 

Take Inventory

Before you start loading up your storage space, make a list of all the things that you plan to store. If you’re storing lots of similar items, you might want to count or list out each one individually, or you can lump them all together. Hold on to your inventory list and make notes as you fill your space about where each item is being stored. Later on, when you need to get an item out, your inventory list will let you know exactly where to find it. 

Get the Right Size

Make sure you get the right storage size for the things you plan to store in your unit. If you have to cram everything in as tight as you can, then putting things in and getting things out will be time-consuming and a big hassle. If you have plenty of space, you can keep things more organized and clear. 

Label Everything

You might think you’ll remember which box you put your photo albums in; but, six months or a year from now, that memory could be pretty hazy. In addition to keeping track of where everything is on your inventory list, be sure to label each box as well. 

Go Clear

Cardboard boxes can be a fine storage solution; but if you’re willing to spend a little cash, this storage solution is for you. Buy and use clear plastic bins to store your things so that you can look around the unit to find your belongings. 

Put It On the Shelf

A unit with shelving or the option to add shelves to your self-storage locker makes another great organizational hack. Shelves will allow you to fit more stuff in the unit without sacrificing ease of access. Plus, you can organize things on the shelves in a way that makes them easier to find. For example, keep your record collection on one shelf and sports equipment on another. 

Stack Wisely

If you do need to stack boxes or other items, be careful and strategic about how you do it. Make sure you stack the heaviest items on the bottom and lighter items on the top. Keep anything fragile in a safe location where it will not be broken. 

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