7 Things You Can’t Store in a Storage Unit

June 18, 2020

When moving, starting a new business, or decluttering, a storage unit makes an affordable life hack. Still, not everything you want to get out of your garage belongs in your storage unit. As you plan your transition, keep in mind these seven things the storage facility manager will prohibit you from bringing.


What Can’t You Store in a Storage Unit?

Here are a few things you can’t store in a storage unit:


Perishable Food

You don’t want to attract any bugs or rodents that will flock to your perishable food, such as meat and produce. Even pet food should not be stored since its smell can still attract insects. Plus, food can rot and cause bacteria to grow, ruining other items surrounding it.


Hazardous Materials

Do not store anything flammable or combustible, since it can cause an entire facility to go up in flames. Examples of hazardous materials include gasoline, paint thinners, bleach, pesticides, fireworks, aerosols, and lighter fluid.



Even if an animal is to be left inside for a short time, it is unethical, illegal, and dangerous to put a pet in your self-storage unit. Despite the fact that it’s inhumane, storage facility managers have found tortoises, fish, guinea pigs (and dead carcasses of these creatures) in abandoned units. 



Plants need sunlight, fresh air, and water to grow. Do not leave them inside the enclosed storage space. Plus, they, too, attract insects, that will infest your other items. 


Stolen Items and Weapons

It is illegal to keep things that do not belong to you and hide them inside your storage unit. Moreover, firearms and ammunition are not allowed and can be reported.


Scented or Wet Items

Do not bring wet items such as umbrellas into the facility, since mildew and mold may grow. Additionally, things like scented candles can attract insects. 


Highly-Valuable Possessions

Although a self-storage facility has security measures in place, do not put your most highly valued belongings there, such as family heirlooms or prized possessions.


Moving boxes

Self-Storage Benefits

Despite these reasonable limitations, there are many reasons to invest in a self-storage unit. You may be facing a significant milestone, such as getting married or having a baby. You will need time to organize your things or temporarily put items away until you buy a new home or relocate. It is tough to part ways with sentimental knickknacks, so putting them away can give you time to figure out what to keep and what to let go of. Other belongings, such as a baby’s clothes and toys, can be stored for a brief time and then brought back into the home when another baby joins the growing family. 


You could also temporarily put your things away when renovating your home or subletting your place while you are away traveling abroad. Since both instances can take just a few months, you would only need a self-storage facility for a limited time. If you are letting strangers or even friends stay at your home, you want to be assured that your valuable items get put away so that they do not become accidentally damaged or lost. Or, you could be selling your house to prospective buyers who prefer to see an empty space or specially staged home. That way, they can personally visualize how they would make your place their own future home.


Whatever your reasons, investing in a self-storage facility will enable you to keep your possessions safe and secure. Plus, you can leave your personal belongings with a self-storage facility that offers month-to-month contracts, so you have more flexible rates and affordable options.


What to Look for in a Self-Storage Facility

There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing an ideal self-storage facility for your belongings. Some tips include the following:


  • Check self-storage facility rates and options: Reasonable prices are essential, as are readily available choices. Does the self-storage facility you are looking at have a space tall enough for your hanging lamps, and wide enough for your king-sized bed? Do they offer additional amenities for larger sized items such as boats, and give you the option to upgrade later on?


  • Ensure that your self-storage unit is easily accessible and secure: There are times when you need to grab something from your self-storage unit early in the morning or late at night. You’ll want the option to be able to access your unit in case a last-minute need arises. Whenever you visit your unit or stay away from extended periods, you will want to ensure there is high security. Ask and witness whether there are surveillance cameras, alarms, or a security guard on the premises at all times. 


  • See how clean and well-maintained the self-storage facility is: The self-storage facility needs to be well maintained and clean. Your storage unit needs to be climate-controlled, so the air circulates regularly, and electronics or antiques don’t get damaged from extreme weather. Moreover, the facility should be free of any water damage or rodents that could eat away at your stored valuables.


Final Thoughts

Storage Locker provides customers with the best self-storage facility rates, flexible plans, varying storage options, secure practices, and helpful customer service. Keep your personal belongings tucked away somewhere safe, where you can have easy access to get your things when you want them. 


To learn more about what you can and cannot store in your unit, contact the experts at 760-389-0307 or fill out our online form. Our professionals will be happy to answer any questions you have.



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