Using a Storage Unit Size Calculator: How Big of a Storage Unit Do You Need?

July 20, 2020

Packing up your belongings is always a headache, whether you’re quickly remodeling or storing away furniture items for an extended period of time. If measuring each individual item and preparing for a heavy game of Tetris isn’t your goal, worry not: we’ve got you covered, especially with expert tools like our storage unit size calculator. Read on to explore the common sizes of storage units and how to determine exactly what size you’ll require. 

Common Sizes of Storage Units

Storage facilities come with storage units in a few common sizes. Unfortunately, knowing the square footage of a storage container doesn’t necessarily help us visualize what will fit! Here are some common sizes, plus what items people are able to fit inside them, to help you determine what size storage unit would be best for you.

5’x5’ Storage Units 

5’x5’ storage units tend to be the smallest, and are usually used to store small personal items. 5’x5’ is also often used for a motorcycle plus some accessories. If you’re seeking a storage unit for tall, narrow items, including lamps or furniture broken down into individual slats, a 5’x5’ might be just enough.

5’x10’ Storage Units 

5’x10’ storage units have the space necessary to house items from a 1-bedroom apartment or a 500-square-foot house. About the size of a walk-in closet, 5’x10’ units can hold 15 packed boxes, or slightly fewer boxes if packed alongside larger pieces of furniture. They may not hold major appliances but can be perfect for bulky personal items like sports equipment or small instruments.

10’x10’ Storage Units 

A 10’x10’ storage container is perfect for someone packing up a 1-bedroom home. You can visualize it as a small, one-car garage. They tend to hold two bedroom sets, or one-bedroom set with other household items. Storage units of a 10’x10’ size will likely hold some or many major appliances, but homes with more bulky items may need to size up.

10’x15’ Storage Units 

10’x15’ storage units are great for those seeking to store the items of a home with two to three bedrooms. A 10’x15’ unit can hold several bedroom sets, many boxes, and even a few bulky furniture items. They’re often seen as the storage necessary for a 1000-square-foot residence.

10’x20’ Storage Units 

Choosing a 10’x20’ storage unit is often for those with a 3-4 bedroom or 1500-square-foot home. They can also be useful for those who live in a 2-3 bed home but happen to have more belongings. Storing a car tends to fall under this size category as well, depending on the width and length. If you have a compact car, it should fit!

10’x30’ Storage Units 

10’x30’ storage lockers are about as big as they come, and fit the belongings of a 5-7 bedroom home. They’re about the size of a one-and-a-half-car garage, and can hold not only bedroom sets and miscellaneous furniture, but also appliances and more. Boats, commercial trailers, RVs, and other full-size vehicles require about this amount of space.

Row of storage units

Tips for Packing Your Storage Unit 

Don’t feel like a novice when you pack up your storage unit. Utilize the following packing tips to become a storage unit pro.

Use Sturdy Storage Containers 

Trust us, you don’t want easily-breakable boxes or containers that are hard to stack. Choose proper boxes, or even invest in storage bins that are a tad sturdier, like plastic ones with lids.

Clean and Prepare 

Check local laws to make sure you’re not storing anything that isn’t allowed. Flammable items and certain liquids are often no-gos. Moreover, if you have appliances or units that commonly interact with various foods, liquids, or chemical substances when in use, clean them thoroughly before packing. It’s much better to clean a potentially dirty fridge or stove before storing it rather than afterwards!

Be a Smart Stacker

Going vertical is the best way to make the most of your storage space, and you can avoid toppling by not stacking more than 3-4 boxes on one another. Try to avoid empty space, too! If you’re storing things with hollow sections, consider filling them. Pack dresser drawers with clothing, or a fridge with smaller boxes of kitchen items. To make sure you don’t lose track of anything, you can label a small sticky note and tape it to the outside of the container.

Go Heavy on the Bottom 

You wouldn’t put your eggs at the bottom of your grocery bag, and similarly, it’s unwise to put fragile or breakable items in boxes near the bottom. Should something fall, or sink under above weights, your delicate items may not make it out unscathed. Be wise when packing, and label each box’s contents. 

Ensure Easy Access 

When packing your unit, put items you’ll likely need access to at the front, while putting lesser-needed items in the back. Leave an aisle or walkway so you can find what you need.

Choosing a Storage Facility 

Wondering what to look for in a storage unit facility? The honest answer is, it depends. Much like your home or the items you’re storing from it, storage facilities are personal and depend on your preferences.

Finding the Best Storage Option for You 

Finding the best storage facility option for you doesn’t have to be hard! First, start by taking note of all of the things you’ll be storing. Account for items you may forget along the way, or a box or two that will hold miscellaneous pieces. You don’t want to have to leave something behind nor squeeze it into a storage locker that can’t contain it. 

Using our storage unit size calculator or the conceptual sizes above, determine which size facility you’ll likely need. Then, visit the websites of storage units near you and either find or ask for rates based on your storage unit size. Some facilities advertise low rates for their smallest option, only for larger ones to be higher in pricing compared to competitors – be sure to do your research!

Considering Storage Facility Rental Rates 

Storage facility rental rates vary based on the square footage of your unit, plus what features the facility provides. Luckily, at Storage Locker, you don’t need to worry about self-storage facility rates. All three of our facilities offer competitive rates that often beat other top self-storage providers, including U-Haul, Public Storage, and Extra Space Storage. 

Be sure to check if your facility’s rates include moving fees, include movers, or if they’re entirely do-it-yourself. If you’re willing to do the moving alone, then facilities without movers may be ideal. If you’re not the owner of a large pick-up truck and don’t want to rent a moving vehicle, storage facilities with a free moving vehicle or professional movers included in the cost might be helpful.

Don’t Eyeball It: Use Our Storage Unit Size Calculator 

Using our storage unit size calculator is the simplest way to ensure you’ll have a place for every item – plus some wiggle room. There’s no reason to debate which size storage unit you’ll need, or hand-measure each item on your own. We make it easy to find the right storage locker for you

At Storage Locker, we provide the most secure, convenient, and clean storage unit facilities in the High Desert, all at an affordable price. Contact us today for the ideal storage locker unit for you, whether you’re downsizing, moving, or remodeling!



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