Moving Out for College? Here’s How a Storage Unit May Help You

December 30, 2019

Whether you’re leaving home to go to college for the first time or moving out of the dorms and into your first real place, transitioning from one home to the next can be a stressful process. Between dorms, apartments, and houses, most college students will move at the beginning of every year, which can quickly become overwhelming. 


Between packing, moving, saying goodbye to family members, and thinking about your future, there’s a lot to consider. A storage unit could help with some of that stress. Relocating your belongings to a safe, secure location where you have easy access to important items can make the transition smoother for students and parents. There are a number of ways self-storage can benefit your whole family. 


Take Inventory of Your Items

Before moving anything out of your current space, it can be a great idea to take inventory of your items. Don’t just make a mental list, but actually write a list of your possessions down on paper, ranking them from most important to least. Once you have a clear idea of what your room holds, you can get rid of items that take up space without ever being used. Donating old clothes, books, and electronics before you move will make the packing process faster and can help you enter your college life with less clutter. 


Scale Down to Just the Essentials 

When it comes to packing for college, it’s best to think in terms of essentials and functionality. Maybe you really love your drum set, but it’s not necessarily practical for the space you’ll be transitioning into. Setting realistic expectations for your new room can help you determine what objects will need to go with you to college and which ones can be moved into storage. 


Additionally, talk with your soon-to-be-roommates to find out what essentials they have that you might not need to bring. There’s no point in having two microwaves taking up space in an already cramped dorm room, is there? 


Less Moving Stress

Finding a reliable storage provider is the first step to minimizing your moving stress. Ask for a walkthrough of the available spaces to get an idea of what size unit you will need. The specialists at these moving facilities can help you determine the best size unit to meet your storage needs as well as your budget. Many storage providers also offer summer discount packages for students who are only looking to store their items for a few months. 


Shop around to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your unit. It’s also a great idea to get a head start on the packing and the moving process by renting out a self-storage unit a month in advance, well before other students in the area have even started to consider what they will do with their belongings come summer. 


Let Storage Locker Be Your Solution

For parents and students alike, renting out a storage unit can make the transition to college a breeze. At Storage Locker, we offer a variety of storage unit sizes to protect and store anything from a mattress and a few pieces of art, all the way up to RVs and ATVs. Contact us to find out how we can help make this your best year at college by cutting down on your moving stress. 



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