How Much Does a Storage Unit Cost?

October 23, 2020

Our customers most frequently seek secure self-storage solutions when:

  • Heading out on military deployment 
  • Traveling
  • Moving 
  • Selling or remodeling their homes
  • Preparing for more or less family at home 
  • Outgrowing their current space

As you can see, so many of these reasons for storage are due to big lifestyle changes that may be costly. When expecting a new baby, sending a child to college, or working on a home remodel, the cost of your storage unit shouldn’t break the bank! Today, we’ll be looking at how much a self-storage facility costs — and how much it should. 

Factors That Affect Self-Storage Facility Costs 

When storage unit companies create their prices, they consider several factors. Certain features, including your location, affect the cost of a storage unit. Let’s take a look at the main factors that go into deciding self-storage facility costs, so you can do your best in choosing a self-storage facility.

Length of Storage

The biggest factor affecting storage unit costs is the length of time you’ll need the storage unit. Most self-storage units offer better per month deals if you plan to rent for an extended period of time. Signing a longer contract can be more cost-efficient.


The larger your storage unit, the more it will cost. The largest storage units hold vehicles, boats, or the belongings of a 3–4 bedroom home. The smallest storage units are perfect for boxes, extra pieces of furniture, and temporary time frames. 

Storage facilities with white doors. Interior units. 3d rendering

Climate Control

Climate control refers to storage unit lockers with extra features that help preserve internal unit conditions for optimal storage temperature, humidity, and airflow. Climate-controlled storage units are great for storing more delicate items. For personal items made of paper, leather, metal, and more, climate control storage goes the extra mile to prevent mold, mildew, rust, and pests.

Time of Year

Believe it or not, the time or season you need a storage space can affect its price. Most notable is at the beginning and end of summer. 

At the beginning of summer, high-density areas with nearby universities experience heightened storage needs as college graduates move their belongings out of school. People store summer-specific items at the end of summer, including boats, water sports gear, and other seasonal pieces. 

Depending on your geographic location, you may also see a spike in prices right as winter ends. Families packing up winter clothing and winter sports gear find garages and attics stuffed to the gills. Watch the storage units’ prices for several months or even a year before you actually need your unit. Knowing price fluctuations helps you plan when you’ll move your stuff to storage and get the best long-term deal. 

Additional Services

Some storage units offer additional services at an additional cost. One example of these services is portable storage units, where a company delivers a storage unit to your home. You pack it up curbside or in your driveway, only to have them return to take it to their facility. 

Some facilities even offer movers who pick up your items and drop them off at the storage unit for you. This “full-service storage” comes at a higher price, but it can be convenient, particularly when unexpected, unavoidable moves occur. These additional services and others can be beneficial and convenient, but whether they’re worth their price is a personal decision.


Most storage facilities have their own insurance that protects customers’ belongings in the event of a disaster. Depending on what you’re storing, purchasing your own insurance on top of theirs could be wise, especially if you’re self-storing a vehicle or similar high-ticket item in climate-controlled storage. If a storage facility performs its due diligence and abides by all guidelines in place for their insurance, you will most likely be covered. Read the policy closely. Storage facilities do limit their liability in certain, unusual areas. For more on when to utilize climate-controlled storage, see this SnapNsure article.  

Blue lock on a secure self-storage unit door demonstrates the high security of Storage Locker’s facilities.

One of the Biggest Storage Unit Price Factors: Size

Of all the factors that affect storage unit cost above, size is among the most impactful. 

Many customers seeking self-storage struggle with finding the right storage unit size. It can be tough to visualize how much space you need without a storage unit size guide. Picking a storage unit that is too small can be incredibly frustrating when your items don’t fit. Selecting one that’s too big can feel like a waste of money. We recommend using our storage unit size calculator, which lets you input the types and amounts of items you’ll be storing and calculates the storage unit size you need.

At Storage Locker, we offer storage units in convenient sizes, ranging from 5’x5’ all the way up to 19’x30’. Not only do we offer storage for your items, but we also have units specific for housing vehicles when they’re not in use. And if you’re already renting from Storage Locker and realize you need to move up a size for more space, no worries. We’ll help with choosing the right storage unit size.

Common Prices Based on Storage Unit Location

The average storage unit cost for a monthly rate is between $60–$180 per month, while a climate-controlled storage unit will run you approximately $75–$225 each month. The lower end of these estimates accommodates 5’x5’ and 5’x10’ units, and the higher end refers to 10’x20’ units and larger. 

Storage unit location can affect prices because location alters market supply and demand. Different costs of living and variant demographics — things that aren’t identical in any two places — can cause storage unit prices to fluctuate across the country. You’ll find these prices lower in less populated areas and potentially far more expensive in larger cities, like New York. This is because smaller homes in densely populated areas create a higher demand for storage units.

Storage Locker: Your Secure Self-Storage Solution

There’s no need to pay more than necessary when Storage Locker’s affordable self-storage is available. Whether moving, making room for new family members, downsizing, or otherwise, our variety of storage solutions fit every storage need.

We’re known for our storage units because of our high affordability, cleanliness, and security standards. Contact us today or take a tour at one of our three Southern California locations in either Barstow, Victorville, or Adelanto to see just how easy self-storage with Storage Locker can be.



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