Do You Need a Storage Locker in Barstow?

March 20, 2020

You may think that storage lockers only serve a single purpose, but some uses are often overlooked. Before you underestimate the value of self-storage, take a look at the following inspiring ways storage units can benefit you. You might be surprised at how versatile these rooms can be! 


Common Reasons People Use Storage Lockers in Barstow

Many reasons to use a storage locker may not be obvious at first. Moving, growing a family, or renovating your home are the most common reasons, but families find storage lockers convenient in the following situations as well.


Student Breaks

San Bernadino County is home to over 90 different colleges! Students often have to empty their dorm rooms before the summer break. Crates, bedding, and books can wind up at parents’ homes, but if parents are not nearby, lugging these things across several states may not make sense. 

A storage locker is also practical when students go away for internships, study abroad programs, or other academic opportunities. With temporary storage space, students can conveniently and affordably keep these possessions safe until next semester.


Short-Term Projects

Short-term projects can require additional space. For example, you want to organize the items in your home for a flea market, but you need a way to separate what you want to keep from what you wish to sell. You’re running out of space in the apartment and can’t seem to keep everything in one place. 

A storage locker can provide the extra room you need to get an overview of your belongings and prepare for a sale. You’ll also be able to focus on your project without the distractions from home. Another benefit is that your house or apartment will stay clutter-free during the process.


Small Business Inventory

Your inventory used to fit in the corner of your home office, but now demand for your product is multiplying. When home businesses thrive, extra space becomes a requirement and renting a commercial space may not be practical or cost-effective. A storage locker can be the perfect middle step. 


Off-Season Equipment

Barstow is the perfect location because it’s driving distance to every possible climate. The ocean, the desert, the mountains, and even a short drive to the snow! With such a wide range of activities, there comes a lot of equipment to store! Maintain some space in the garage for your stuff and even your cars when you send skis, snowboards, canoes, kayaks, paddleboards, fishing rods, camping supplies, and other seldom-used gear to the storage unit. Self-storage provides an ideal place to keep your seasonal equipment and less-frequently used items. It will be nice to get into your car from the warm garage again, particularly on rainy days.


Private Gym

Small homes and apartments don’t always have enough space for home gym equipment. However, you’re planning to move into a larger house soon and don’t want to sign up for a gym membership. A storage unit can provide a space for your private gym and workout equipment.


Organizing Events

When family reunions, BBQs, holiday get-togethers, weddings, and other life events appear on the horizon, it makes sense to start gathering everything you’ll need for the perfect celebration in one place. Store chairs, benches, tables, cutlery, dishes, lawn games, and decorations affordably in one place without cluttering up your home. Better yet, you can work in the storage space to keep these items organized so that deploying them on the big day stays simple. 


Hiding Gifts

Kids and spouses have a way of tracking down your gift stash. To prevent your special someone from taking a premature peek, hide their gifts in a storage locker. That surprise party, too, can be hard to keep under wraps when it requires decorations, tableware, dance floors, and music equipment. The storage unit can make coordinating with other surprise party planners far simpler as well when everyone has a key. The storage locker keeps your secret a surprise and preparations on track. 


Art Studio

Painting, sculpting, and art supplies can quickly overpower small spaces. A storage unit can offer additional room to pursue your passion. Best of all, you can clean up at your own pace without worrying about inconveniencing other family members. If you live with family or roommates, the storage space will allow you to work free from distractions. 


Many artists are prolific and your storage facility provides a safe environment to store artwork. Additionally, you can use the room to display your work and take professional shots for your portfolio. 


Personal Wine Cellar

The wine lover, or oenophile, lives to find and store that unique year and vintage. While many opt for home storage, temperature and other conditions there may not be ideal. With a climate-controlled storage locker, you’re guaranteed strict adherence to room temperature and privacy. Wine connoisseurs that are running out of room for their collections at home should consider self-storage. 


Walk-in Closet

Fashionistas with an abundance of clothing can keep their outfits organized with the help of a storage locker. Store out-of-season clothing, bedding for guests, and other wardrobe items that you don’t use in your closet away from home. Moving your stuff out to make room in your home for other family members eases tension anyway. 



If you’re missing a garage, shed, or other suitable location for your workshop or crafting station, a storage unit is an excellent alternative. Lots of storage unit renters work in their units after work and on weekends. Keep your tools organized, store items for your landscaping business, and minimize the noise in your Barstow neighborhood. 


Music Studio

Musicians often practice for eight hours each day, making living with them or near them a trial. Musicians are often forced to rent expensive studios in order to keep peace in their families and neighborhoods. You might be surprised when you visit a storage facility to hear beautiful music emanating from within its halls. Many facilities have access to power outlets, making them ideal spots to set up studios. 


Emergency Preparations

Those who want to stockpile emergency survival supplies but lack the space at home can keep their food and other supplies in a storage locker. An increasing number of individuals are using their self-storage rooms to store water, food rations, and other supplies that would be essential in an emergency survival situation or after a natural disaster.


Find Your Storage Locker in Barstow

Storage lockers in Barstow, CA offer units ideal for anyone that needs a little extra space. 


Learn more about storage lockers in Barstow by contacting the experts at Storage Locker at 760-389-1783. You can also leave us a note on our online form. Our storage locker experts are happy to answer any questions you have and give you a tour of our facility. 



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